"Laundry bag" offer

Take advantage of our “laundry bag” offer to look after your everyday clothes. This offer does not apply to shirts, suits, ties and tuxedos (see below for these garments).

1. Fill your bag and close it without forcing.

2. Bring it to reception before 10am.

3. We take it to the cleaners.

4. Your clothes are in good hands.

5. Your clothes are back by 6.30pm.

Washed and folded: CHF 44

Washed, ironed and folded: CHF 65

Other prices for dry cleaning

Shirt on hanger: CHF 6

Folded folder: CHF 6

Suit (jacket and pants): CHF 27

Tie: CHF 9

Smoking: CHF 24

If you require dry-cleaning services, please come to reception and we'll be happy to help.